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Software Trends – 2016

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Saturation of e-comm
There’s a buzz going around in the start-up ecosystem that the e-commerce/aggregator model has already been saturated. Even investors are not interested unless there’s strong business model and obviously a good team
Fintech Healthcare
Although Fintech & Heathcare have become major players in the aggregator ecosystem in the Silicon Valley, India is also catching up this trend. Already there are giants growing in these industries and many are yet to come. Even traditional business giants are about to come in the spotlight.
Testing as a major league
Testing will always be a gold standard in product development. With App Stores having more guidelines testing will play a major role both in star-tup scenario and enterprise softwares. Much easier the work will be if tested significantly and uploaded instead of uploading and waiting for feedback and bug reviews.
Automated Testing is the new trend the industry is capturing. Robust automated training ensures core software bug-free as much as possible. With an efficient testing team some tools like QTP from HP may also be used.
Microservices vs. Monolithics
This is often a debatable topic though everything is changing vastly in the industry. People are tending to adopt the practice of microservices over monolithic as it’s more efficient and fast. With Cloud & SOA are prominently on the track, microservice being an interpretation of SOA the world of software development is moving to it.
The Era of Cloud
No matter what it is none can deny that the future is Cloud Technology. Although there are many prominent players exist in the market AWS is considered the best. There are endless opportunities with cloud technology. Data processing is much more faster than ever and also accessing has never been such easier.
Cyber Security
With the world moving to cloud cyber security will be an obvious issue to look at. Security will be more advanced and companies will find solutions for secured testing, implementation and process maintenance.
Concept of Pair Programming
Pair Programming is concept where two programmers plays the key role one being the driver and other being the navigator. They may switch roles likewise.
It’s effective in various aspects like faster problem solving, learning , team building and effective communication.
Native Vs Hybrid
There’s always a hive going on about the development of mobile applications whether it will be a native one or the hybrid will work. Though the industry will vastly change with technology advancements like React.js is already out there. This comes with effective hassle-free front end tools which are useful in all aspects.

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